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Ibtana – WordPress Website Builder


Ibtana Gutenberg Editor has ready made eye catching responsive templates build with custom blocks and options to extend Gutenberg’s default capabilities. You can easily import demo content for the block or templates with a single click. Once done, you can straight away start making the desired changes. It also kit with individual components and blocks to build internal pages. Now you don’t need to invest too much time in editing or recreating the template you love. Now its just drag and drop and easy edit of your favourite template with just few clicks.

Ready To Use Website Blocks for Gutenberg

Ibtana offers a great experience while building pages with Gutenberg as you have an entire collection of page building blocks for WordPress at your disposal. Even if you do not possess enough design skills, you don’t need to worry as this WordPress block editor already has things simplified for you. Its intuitive and user-friendly interface helps you design the web pages without having to write a single line of code. This block-based editor takes WordPress page building to the next level by providing an efficient, fast, and simple way for creating pages. Just select the block you wish to add to your page by simple drag and drop, adjust the settings using the easy tweaking options and you are ready to go.

Ibtana Visual Editor currently includes the following blocks:

Progress Bar

Add animated horizontal progress bars to your page and show the percentage progress. You can customize it

Posttype Slider

Show the latest posts and products on your site with this Posttype Slider Block which has some additional functionalities

Multiblock Slider

With the Multiblock Slider block, making beautiful carousels and sliders for displaying magnificent images is very easy.

Advanced Text

Advanced Text block is useful for adding the headings, paragraph and counter to your page. With this, you can easily structure…

Advanced Button

The Button block allows you to add buttons linking to other pages on your site with advanced functionality for changing …

Advanced Social Icon

You will find a list of all the Font Awesome icons here. Select any of the icons you want to add to your page and you can…

Google Map

Inserting a customizable Google map is now easy with Google Map Block. You can include a google map and many…

Shape divider

Add flair to different sections as this Shape Divider Block allows you to add different SVG borders and designs to the slider

Tab Content

Use this feature-rich Tab Content Block for Gutenberg block editor allowing you to place different content and blocks inside…


The Video Popup Block helps to display the popup on your website on which you can add a video, or any inner block.


The Accordion Block is a simple and useful block that can be used to add the accordion drop-downs to your website.

Advanced Gallery

Show splendid image galleries on your website with this simple drag and drop Galley Block

Countdown Timer

To help you create a countdown timer in a block-based editor, this Countdown Timer block will help you to display

Advanced Separator & Spacer

Want to separate the two content blocks on your page? Separator Block is what you are looking for.


The Form Block helps to Add contact form to your page with reCaptcha , Animation and Many More functionality.

What The Plugin Does?

Seamless Performance :  As its design follows the best coding standards, it delivers fast and better performance giving amazing results.

Easy Customization : A lot of options are there for customizing almost everything to get a distinct and unique page.

Settings For Blocks :  Different block settings are provided for every single block that includes settings for responsive, fonts, gradient color, etc.

User Friendly:  With easy drag and drop, you can create stunning web pages in a matter of minutes.

Ready to Use Demos : Includes thoughtfully built website templates and blocks for Gutenberg. These blocks can be used for creating a range of websites such as online stores, restaurants, businesses, etc.

Preview:  Option for previewing every Gutenberg block based template in the customizer preview.